XPTech’s Sign4™ shortlisted in Computing magazine’s prestigious Technology Product Awards


Computing’s Technology Product Awards aim to recognise the very best of the UK’s technology industry, from the most innovative and compelling products and vendors, through to the top use cases from end-user firms.

The Technology Product Awards recognise the very best in technology talent., as well as showcasing the movers and shakers – the innovative technology heroes and projects that deserve industry-wide praise.

XPTech is delighted to have its Sign4 product shortlisted as a 2020 finalist.

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on the 27th November.

Contactless and Safe Proof of Delivery in a C-19 Landscape

Sign4 is a smarter solution to obtain proof of delivery. Using contactless technology, Sign4 enables your business to deliver items safely, while the customer uses their own mobile device to confirm they’ve received their delivery, without touching a driver’s device.

The world which XPTech operates in powers the delivery or collection experience for all types of vehicles, from the latest electric cars to expensive marques. Ensuring a record of condition and change of responsibility at the point of handover is critical and the use of delivery driver tablets that customers sign to indicate acceptance became unfeasible during the Covid-19 pandemic – like all delivery organisations the existing method became wholly unacceptable and unsafe.

XPTech turned to technology for a solution and derived the Sign4 product. Sign4 allows a delivering organisation to capture a signature where the customer uses their own device to indicate acceptance of delivery or collection terms and conditions. A customer can use their own mobile phone, tablet or computer to view terms and conditions and write or draw a signature.

Crucially, both those staff delivering goods and receiving customers are kept safe by this contactless technology which ensures a truly touchless handover.

Sign4 is set to transform delivery organisations and is being used across a number of industries.